Memories of my Parents

031  On holiday in Devon at the Rainbow House Hotel 030  At his retirement from Gillettes - the barometer is still around 013  Two puppeteers - My Dad later built Daryl a glove puppet theatre similar to the one I had as a child 014  Dad at Bridgend services - he was always going on trips with the Pennard Golden Age club
015  we were out to lunch somewheree in Surrey with my parents ans Sue's mother - it must have been after our move to Wales as Sue is pregnabt with Erica 016  My Dad had to master so many new gsmes for his grandson 017  Dad taught Daryl to play chess 018  One Christmas in Wales - playing with Minnie our first dog
019  Mum and Dad and .........ME! 020  on a trip to Cornwall I believe - my parents are on the left of the third row - sitting on the rock 021  My father developed an interest in gardening late in life 022  My Father on the right with some of his family
023  My Father standing behind his Mother next to his Brother Lenny and one of his sisters but not sure which 024  My Parents at the holday house we rented in St Mary's Bay with Ted 025  Dad with Isobel, Sue's mother, not sure who the other people are 026  Again with Isobel and his brother Len
027 028 029  My Dad "reluctantly" queing with his friend who I knew as "uncle Ted" 032  Three guesses the name of the baby a proud dad is holding
bike drawing bookpages2 3  Pages from a wartime notebook he kept bookpages3 4  Some more pages - he was always dewsigning things knights  One of the few of my Father's drawings that I manage to find - this was in my autograph book from when I was about 10 uears old. There once existed a beautiful pen and ink drawing of the these knights which hung in my bedroom when I was young - sadly It got thrown away when they moved to Wales
patent page1  My father was a joint inventor of the gillette disposable syringes - here is the patent - ironic because for many years I used these very syringes to treat my haemophilia Photo0014  I can remember my father going to Civil Defence meetings - this was his St Johns Ambulance certificate.  For a while he had driven ambulences during the war 001  Proud grandparents on holiday somewhere in the West Country 002  with Daryl at Crhistmas time
003  never too old to play 004  With Sue and a shy Daryl 005  Dad with Daryl at our house in Biggin Hill 006  well my Father was an engineer so was good at building  with Quadro
007  On holiday in Italy - we had to go by car beacuse neither of my parents would fly! 008  Dad carrying Daryl at Hampton Court Palacw 009  Playing Hide and seek again at Hampton Coure 010  My parents having Dinner with Averil, and Winnie - sadly they are all passed now
011  My Dad with Averil and Dennis after Daryl's confirmation 012  My Parents enjoying Dinner with Averil and Dennis, nest door neighbours